Eric has been working in the ‘biz’ for quite a while. Long enough to know that no one calls it the ‘biz.’ He got his start at a small mobile outfit in SF that quickly got acquired by a fortune 500 company. After wearing many hats in mobile, he found a good opportunity to try on the new hats of owner, founder and now CEO. If you want your company to make a splash in mobile, speaking with Eric is a good place to start.


Zac started out writing code for jailbroken iPhones. He wrote an application called Searcher that was Spotlight before Spotlight. He created an API that allowed copy and paste between applications before you could copy and paste between applications. And he made DragKit for dragging data between applications before…well you still can’t do that any other way...yet.


Chris has been writing mobile software for years, including early SMS and MMS libraries for CDMA devices, music recognition and playback apps, an app store for a major carrier, and other fun projects. He’s worked with Android from its pre-commercial form onward, and has written and edited various books and articles on Android. Along the way he’s written back-end software that’s been deployed by major US wireless carriers, hospitals, and governments.