App Development for iOS Platform

Get the official Wikia app for iPad. Search for the latest news and information on your favorite pop culture topics, collected by millions of fans like yourself. Wikia is the ultimate source for pop culture expertise on more than 300,000 topics, including movies, video games, TV shows, books, music and so much more. Need to keep track of the fast, interlocking jokes on Arrested Development? Read constantly evolving, deep content in an elegant, easy-to-read, and customizable format. Want to catch up on Season 5 of Breaking Bad? Stay up-to-date by searching for and browsing articles by Trending, Popular, or Recent with an effortlessly swipeable interface. It’s everything you love all in one app. With the My Wikia app you can: -Enjoy an elegant and easy-to-read view of Wikia’s massive pop culture communities -Search and add your favorite topics to your home screen for a personal view of Wikia -Discover endless photo galleries, videos, and articles on nearly any topic of your choice -Bookmark and share articles